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The Romper Room is chock full of rapidly developing toddlers, ages 12 – 24 months. Our teachers are well-educated in the developmental needs and milestones of this age group. While this classroom does have a more structured schedule than the infant room to provide the daily routines that enable the children to thrive, we still cater to their individual needs, such as providing an opportunity for meals and snacks four times a day to ensure all children are meeting their nutritional needs.


The Romper Room schedule is designed to meet the many needs of your rapidly developing toddler. Toddlers love to explore and learn using all of their senses. They need many opportunities in the day for sensory stimulations, as well as rest and nutrition. Routines are very important in toddler development as well. they add structure to the day when activities take place near the same time and in the same order. This structure helps prevent temper tantrums and crankiness, as well as supporting social awareness and development.